Designer and Print Operator

Big Fish ERP

Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for small to medium sized commercial print shops.

Developed in conjunction with a specialty fine print shop, Big Fish ERP features a robust, expandable set of features that cater specifically to the nuances of the printing industry with transparency, efficiency, and profitability as its central tenets.

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Unlike other print industry ERPs, Big Fish has no license fees and a reasonable one time purchase cost. Support and maintenance is scalable and customizable to suit your needs.

Designed with AI in Mind

Every aspect of Big Fish ERPs data structures were designed as training data for machine learning.

Every interaction you have with your system will contribute to environmental, supply chain, and operational efficiency improvements.

Growth Through Integration

Big Fish ERP is the core of a larger ecosystem. We understand the importance of leveraging the tools you already use while providing the critical connections and business logic to improve your organization's overall efficiency and profitability.

Additional integrations will be rolled out continually and available to all customers.


Customer Records

CRM data is modelled after the real world. The system will send quotes, approvals, updates and invoices to the most suitable contact to ensure fast turnarounds and reduced delays.

Sales lead follow-up reminders and a global notes system ensure you have the most up-to-date information when talking to leads.

Quotes and Estimates are generated in the system and sent directly to the client upon sales representative approval.

Secure online quotes are provided to the client and can be approved directly in the browser at any time. Expedite approvals with an interactive selection interface.


See what you need to focus on, when you need it focus on it.

The dashboard screens bring critical work to the attention of those who need it. Unhandled work can be escalated ensuring reduced downtime

Every process tracks time and material costs. The system rolls up these metrics for dashboard viewing and provides detailed reports to help find efficiencies.

With cost-based pricing you will always know what your margins are. The system implements minimum margin safeguards and executive approvals to make sure your sales team can have flexibility without sacrificing the bottom line.


Every process, at its core, is based on labour and material costs. We clearly show your baseline cost on an estimate, allowing your sales staff to craft the perfect quote with no unknowns.

A job's requirements are modelled using a stepwise process approach. Every form, component, or outsourced job are defined, complete with dependencies. Measure down to a single sheet of paper for the ultimate profitability tracking.


Approved estimates are converted to dockets with no additional data entry. Every comment, every process, every source document is right at the press operator's fingertips.

Track the costs associated with last minute changes and redos, so you can bill the overages back the appropriate cost center.

See a complete picture of the process before you start.

For every process, our production specification shows every material used, every labour minute required, projected machine speeds, spoilage and make-ready overages and the profitability of each one.

Purchase Orders

Once a docket has been approved, generate material purchase orders at the touch of a button. The system will optimize purchase orders to take advantage of price breaks while notifying staff of order deadlines to keep jobs on track.

Send a Purchase Order via email or via direct integration to the supplier's system. Regardless, the supplier is given the opportunity to confirm receipt and the system adds this to the project timeline.

Combine many jobs on a single Purchase Order. We track where the stock is needed

Generate purchase orders with intelligence. The bring forward dashboard will present regular stock ordering requirements so staff can combine them with special orders and receive additional price breaks.


Keep track of all stock from all suppliers in one place. Customizable import scripts make updating easy. Non-destructive stock level tracking and adjustments ensure transparency and easy auditing.

Track the future demand for stock to ensure efficient ordering and storage of inventory.

Quickly record incoming stock and notify the production floor when it arrives.

Deliver to one location or drop-ship to individual customers, the shipping module offers extreme flexibility to make sure you can provide a wide variety of shipping options. The shipping module is tied directly to QuickBooks to ensure prepaid shipping has been paid before sending products out.

With the same flexibility as the shipping component, print labels and packing slips based on how the products are actually being assembled. Our system lets the shipping staff do what they do best while providing efficient tools to help.


Leverage your team's expertise by routing an estimate or docket throughout your organization while keeping track of production milestones. Never again let a job get lost in the shuffle.

Never be taken by surprise by an offline press when standard maintenance could have prevented it. Track equipment maintenance schedules and operator inspection sign-offs. Missed inspections are escalated to managers for quick action.

Tracking time is always an afterthought. We provide an easy interface on every screen for a user (who is designated an hourly employee) to enter time against a docket. Filterable reports for administrators show tracking entries for comparison with the financial and payroll systems.

Certain tasks require executive sign off. The system uses the bring forward dashboard to allow quick, informed executive decision making from anywhere in the world.

Big Fish ERP uses standard contemporary web application frameworks and is architected to allow customized plugins to provide additional features and integrations for a fraction of the price of other custom software development providers.

Embrace a remote workforce. Manage your data, approve jobs, and enter sales from anywhere in the world without the need of a VPN.


Control system access and user roles for the system via Microsoft Entra ID.

Provide each customer with a secure, online file storage space for uploading source files and viewing digital proofs.

Provide in-house and remote prepress staff full access to a docket's files.

Provide each customer with a secure, online file storage space for uploading source files and viewing digital proofs.

Provide in-house and remote prepress staff full access to a docket's files.

Integrate directly with 3PL for fulfillment and pick-and-pack operations.

Let finance work in their preferred environment. All financial aspects of the system are integrated with QuickBooks Online to leverage the power of their award winning cloud platform.

Rebrand Big Fish ERP to give your staff and customers a federated experience.


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